Selected Performances and Exhibitions:       

2018    CLOACA, Tempting Failure Biennial of Performance Art and Noise, London, UK
2017    DRUM 17, “Scarti”, Loup, Mori, IT
        Will To Power as Disappearance, “Embodied Politics” video screening, Defibrillator            Gallery, Chicago, US
        ManifestAzione con Catetere, Performance Crossings, Cross Club, Prague, CZ
        Vessel, PERFORM -OR NOT, video screening, Polymer Factory, Tallinn,  EW
2016    Bodily Subversion (with Wand), CRACK! Festival, Forte Prenestino, Roma, IT
        Will To Power as Disappearance, “Through and Felt”, group show, EyeDrum Gallery,              Atlanta, US  
2015    Bodily Subversion (numbing), ]Performance Space[, London, UK
2014    Trash Action, Pionerul Factury, Bucharest, RO
        The Book of Blood -with LEIBNIZ,  Pergine Spettacolo Aperto, Pergine Valsugana, IT 
        Womb, PERFORMATORIUM, Festival of Queer Performance, Regina, CA  
2013    Towards becoming a sentient thing, Performance Platform Lublin, Labirynt Gallery,              Lublin, PL  
        H-transmitter 2,  Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival, Goodbye Blue                Monday, New York, US
        H-Transmitter 1, Rapid Pulse International Performance Art Festival, Defibrillator            Gallery, Chicago, US
        H-Transmitter 0, The Prophetic Sound, The Cavendish Arms, London, UK
2012    La BirthMance, ARCI Fuorirotta, Treviglio, IT
        Untitled 2012, -with Medea Electronique, Across the Great Divide, Onassis Cultural            Centre, Athens, GR
        DRUM, Summer Residency Performance Event, ]Performance Space[, London, UK
        LIMINAL BODIES, The Exchange Gallery, Penzance, UK
2011    Legs Piece, InstrumentLab#2, STEIM, Amsterdam, NL
        I.m.s. Upside Down, LCC, London, UK

2015    Artist in Residence , ”Occupations" Performance Art Factions, ]Performance Space,              London, UK  
2014    Selected Performer, LEIBNIZ, The Book of Blood, Pergine Valsugana, IT
2013    Artist in Residence, The Blank Residency, The Blank Bergamo Contemporary Art, IT   
2012    Artist in Residence, Koumaria Residency, Medea Elctronique, GR
        Artist in Residence, Summer Residency, ]Performance Space[, London, UK

Press and Publications:

2017   ¡Mamá, de mayor quiero ser un cyborg! La performance como resistencia somatopolítica,          Manuel Lopez Garcia, Universitat Politecnica de Valencia
2016    The Embodiment of Gender Identity in Female Performers, Felice Kertudo, King’s                College London
        KEEP IT DIRTY. Vol. a, “Filth”,  edited by Punctum Books, New York
        Through and Felt" group exhibit explores private and painful aspects of humanity              publicly,  Rachel Jones, ArtsAtl
2014    Performatorium 2014: Queering the prairies, J.J. Megan Macfadden, CanadianArt
2013    H-Transmitter opens channel for connection, Withney Richardsn, RP13
2012    Emerging Artists, Rituals and Live Art, Diana Damian, Exeunt Magazine
        Performance space[ Summer Residency Event,  James David, London City Nights
        Emergency Index 2012, edited by Ugly Duckling Press, New York 

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